This was originally labeled “journalism,” but since most of my reported pieces have gotten lost over the years (ah, Internet…), I changed it to “miscellaneous.” This page is a bit of a grab-bag–there’s some music journalism, a funny story, an interview… At some point, I might reorganize the site, but for now this seems like the best place to put this stuff…

An Interview with Renata Adler. From Bookslut. My conversation with the great Renata Adler, author of Speedboat (which I strongly recommend), and longtime staff writer for the New Yorker. In person, Adler is thoughtful, friendly, and very generous, and we talked about a range of topics–from fragmentary writing, to the work of Henry James, to the state of journalism today.

Heligoland: The Return of Massive Attack. From The Brooklyn Rail. “After Blue Lines, it seemed like Massive Attack was intentionally reinventing themselves on every release, in an effort to avoid being pigeonholed… That contrarian streak seems gone now.”

Barney’s Christmas Spectacular. From Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood. “Barney doesn’t seem to love you back.” A (true) story about what happens when a group of college freshman cross paths with a purple dinosaur at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree lighting.

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